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In 1805, Napoleon Bonaparte founded the Grand Duchy of Berg with Düsseldorf as capital of this territory. It also established the era in which the Breidenbacher Hof was opened for the first time.

"The Duchy" is also the nickname for our female figure, who in the spirit of her name is a free thinker
and an icon of cool independence. Her distinctive style is cultivated from stealthy observation of the finest things the world has to offer. Hers is a global, vivacious elegance, founded on wit, wisdom and whimsy.

How to lead the life of The Duchy

Lead the way in urban farming revolution

Growing a green future is the new black

Embrace the leisure activities
of your jet-set peers.

Be a magnificent horticulturist.

Become the high priestess of pruning, and bouquets of your own assemblage.

Know your wines and a good sommelier.

Whether you hit the books or hit the bottle, the best way to refine & educate your palate is to taste, taste, taste.

Be able to play hostess at the drop of a hat.

Throwing a good party is an art form. To host a successful and memorable dinner party,
be as gracious as you know how, present the best you have to offer, and remember that,
as a host, you set the tone for the evening in your every manner and approach.

Make yourself irresistible to fashion designers.

(This won't be a challenge because, naturally, you have a magnetic personality and the figure of a model.)

Develop a passionate aficionado of the sporting culture.

Including an appreciation for prize winning thoroughbred horses & the art of polo playing.

Be an enthusiastic patron of the arts and up-and-coming artists.

You'll never be someone's muse if you don't make a point to invite them over regularly for dinner.

Cultivate a diverse social circle,
from all walks of life.

Be absolutely addicted to books that inspire many of other pursuits.

And be phenomenally well-versed in the art of interiors to show off their good taste & fearless personal touches.

Guard your privacy with a vengeance.

It’s the most valuable asset that money can buy.

And you?

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