Your Exclusive Raw Bar Experience in Düsseldorf

The Intent

Because you cannot survive on champagne alone

It is the centerpiece and heart of the restaurant - at the Raw Bar guests are invited to enjoy light delicacies, good drinks and classy champagne. The menu offers a colorful palette of fish and crustacean, oysters and caviar. The relaxed setting creates an easy atmosphere. Whether a short timout from the shopping spree on Königsallee, a small snack before visiting the opera or purely for the joy of champagne - the Raw Bar is the place to be.

The Taste


Pure and authentic, luxurious yet perfectly simple. With a focus on the finest produces the sea has to offer, the Raw Bar experience is meant to be very relaxed. With a true-hearted passion for seafood and a wonderful culinary talent, Japanese Chef Nao Yamaoka creates the most beautiful dishes in front of her audience. From a well curated selection of oysters to a perfectly balanced sashimi of Faroe Island salmon - every taste is served.


The well selected wine and champagne list in symbiosis with an unexpected and fun cocktail selection showcasing quietly confident twists on established classics, wonderfully compliment the taste and flair.


It's a new modern style of aperitif drinking.

Raw Bar Etiquette

How to eat oysters


Hold the shell with one hand and a shellfish fork with the other. Separate the oyster from the shell by using the fork, dip it into the sauce, and eat it in one bite. When you order raw oysters at the Raw Bar, it's fine to suck the meat and juice right off the shell.

How to eat caviar


Caviar is scooped with a small spoon onto a toast round and eaten with the fingers. For the purest taste, place the caviar on the back of your hand, in the area between your thumb and forefinger and savor.

How to eat Sashimi


For an authentic experience, blend the soy sauce provided with a bit of wasabi and softly dip the raw fish into it.
If not eaten with chopsticks but fork and knife, it is fine to cut larger pieces that can't be eaten in one bite.


Raw Bar Menu

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