Modern European Brasserie on Königsallee

The Ambience

A modern interpretation of the classic


Inspired by classic Parisian brasseries, The Duchy takes a wider European outlook in style and cuisine. Chic and stylish, yet relaxed and cozy the restaurant pays homage to Düsseldorf's ducal epoques.


Living up to a pleasant and elegant approach, the restaurant team creates a very cordial atmosphere and service experience. A well-balanced composition of wooden elements, mirrors and art supported by a warm color palette and fine fabrics create define the interiors.


An absolute highlight is the Raw Bar where guests are invited to enjoy light delicacies. Whether a short timout from the shopping spree on Königsallee, a small snack before visiting the opera or purely for the joy of champagne - the Raw Bar is the place to be.

It was lovely meeting you.

The Cuisine


Whether guests prefer to enjoy a relaxed dining experience or strive for a light snack at the Raw Bar, The Duchy is catering to every culinary desire.


With a distinctive taste cultivated from a true passion for the finest things Europe has to offer, the culinary team of Executive Chef Philipp Ferber serves a refined brasserie-style cuisine with local reference.


Unique creations such as caviar carbonara, carpaccio of greater amberjack and homegrown potato soup open up new taste experiences.



It was lovely meeting you.




With our ambitious farm-to-table concept, Breidenbacher Hof focuses on sustainable indulgence with all senses. We dedicate our efforts on the transparency of origin, cultivation, harvesting, seasonal selection and appropriate and humane animal husbandry with high-quality feed.


Shortened transport routes guarantee freshness and taste. The most respectful handling of the selected products and the careful processing are based on the constant dialogue with the organic producers. This process and knowledge allows us to regularly create new amazing seasonal recipes.


We are gradually implementing our farm-to-table idea: we have our own Breidenbacher chicken community, we serve milk from our own cows, we enjoy the fine flavors of our in-house herbal tea blend, and we serve a gin distilled exclusively for our bar. We even have our own vineyard.


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Created to give you an immersive dining experience, this private entertaining space and restaurant can host masterclasses with our Executive Chef, or an intimate social gathering with bespoke menu for up to 16 guests.


The Hidden Gem

In the relaxed, elegant atmosphere of our 60 square meter Show-Kitchen, guests experience the perfect symbiosis of entertaining live cooking and fine culinary enjoyment. The absolute highlight and gem of this very unique venue is the custom-made Molteni stove equipped with all luxurious refinements a gourmet's heart desires.